Thursday, April 15, 2010

They Say it happens in 3's

Hi All,

They say bad things happen in 3's so I'm just waiting for the 3rd to hit...

I'm not sure, wether to be angry or cry.... but my computer got very sick a couple of days ago we took it to the Drs. to get fixed and today I got the bad news that it died... and I have lost months and months of down loads , some were very important files, some photos, and I have lost all of my favourite site links.....None of the files on the hard drive are retreavable.. I'm not sure exactly how much I have lost yet till I check the back up hard drive..I suppose it could be worse I could have lost everything.

So at the moment I am on the laptop, which is pretty bare with programs, so I wont get many things posted over the next few days till I work out about getting another computer up and running.

But on a happier note, when I went to the Kaszazz site today one of my workshops I created has been put on the site...(I will share some pics soon maybe tomorrow). Its the project I created back in January for the Team Training Day and it was voted first place.

Also today I received the ATC's from the swap I participated in last mont(Luck of the Irish) I will share those pictures with you also when I have sorted out my computer issues.

The first bad situation was yesterday, I got news that my dad has to have more amputated from his foot.

Happy Scrappin' Jo


  1. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  2. Hi,

    Sorry to hear about your PC. I know how devastating it can be when lose files. There are specialist companies that can retrieve information from damaged hard drives. I back everything up on a second hard drive plus an external hard drive and I also put some documents on Google Mail.

    Sorry to hear about your Dad. Hope all goes well.


  3. Sorry about the computer. I know that story for myself too but I never seem to learn. Hope you work it out. W.C.C.

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