Friday, January 20, 2012

Tutorial Creating a Daisy with Kasz Flower Punch

I am not sure where this original idea come from , It's not my original idea ....I have searched and searched the web but can't refind the place where I originally found it some time ago.

This is the flower that I will be giving a quick tutourial on how to create this simple but stunning Daisy.

First you punch out the shape of your Flower using Kasz Super Flower Punch (4859) in your desired colour. I used 3 Super punched flowers in the above sample, you could use more if you would like a fuller daisy. I also used 2 punched Jumbo Flowers (4848)

Using Non- Pernament Tape, attach a punched flower to a strip of paper, slightly larger than the flower, of course not the same colour as your flower. Do not use cardstock as it will be too thick to punch through.

Place this into your Flower punch as pictured below, try to centre over the punch petals (the white flower). If its not quiet the centre it won't matter as flower petals are not symetrical in real life so it will add character.

The picture below it shows one flower still attached to the backing paper and I have also included a picture of a double punched Jumbo Flower and a Super Flower.

Repeat this process for all the punched flower shapes.

I have lightly inked the tips of the petals to add more dimension & colour...

Using Glossy Accents , adhere each layer stagnating the position of the petals, starting with the larger size first, then the smaller ones..

Then I have attached a yellow represent the middle of a daisy , But you could use what ever you would like in the centre.

Viola you daisy is complete.

I hope you enjoy making this much as I did sharing it

See you soon Jo


  1. Hi Jo, glad to see you are back!! :) LOVIN this flower. Can I please use it to add to my pages?

  2. Hi Alicia,

    Yes, you most certainly can.. The main reason for adding was for you to to use it if you wish :)
    I feel so bad about neglecting my blog..DH actually visited here a couple of weeks ago and asked why I hadn't added anything for over 12 months.

  3. :) Thanks Jo. One happy fellow consultant. That makes number 6. I understand how you feel about leaving your blog. I am hoping to update mine more often this year. Happy Happy Joy Joy. :)

  4. Yay!! just made it. Beautiful. Thanks Clever Lady :)

  5. Hi Jo. Love this flower. My upline (Liz Mostran) showed me this just before Christmas. It's gorgeous isn't it!

  6. Thanks for sharing this useful info. Keep updating same way.
    Regards,Ashish Training and consultancy


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