Friday, February 27, 2009

Welcome to Inkspiration Haven

Welcome to my blog.
Wooohooooooo... I can't believe I'm starting my own blog.........
...As you can see this is my first time here........but here it goes!.

Also this is the very first time I have had a blog, so this is all new to me and I know I am going to make mistake (well I know that because.....I have already made a couple..which have now been fixed..) most of this blog will be trial an error till I get the hang of it all..So please bare with me.

From time to time you will notice "Typos" (I don't call them spelling errors) as most of the time my fingers are working quicker than my brain...or maybe its the other way around.

I hope you get lots of fun and enjoyment out of browsing my blog as much as I will sharing my addiction to papercraft. My random thoughts,showcase my scrap work and cardmaking ,techniques, hints, ideas, Kaszazz workshops and product updates .

I hope to get here and post something atleast once a week to share with you all.

So grab a coffee, pull up a chair..(umm your probably already sitting down...hehehe) put your feet up, get comfortable and most of all have fun browsing my blog.

It is highly recommended you check back here regularly and I encourage feedback.
Thanks for checking in!

Talk to you again soon.


P.s. Wow my first post.....That wasnt so hard after all

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