Friday, August 14, 2009

" EMBOSSING " - Blog War Challenge - Projects 2 & 3 (plus extra)

Hi All,

Here is my second project for this weeks Challenge.

I have used the "Resist embossing Technique " with this card.

Here is project 3...I couldn't decide (when I was making these) which background colour I prefered...Parakeet Bazzill (card 1) or Bahama (card 2)...

I think I prefer the Parakeet , but this is one of my most favourite colours so my judgement is a bit clouded ... I did try it with a couple of other colour base cards but I liked these 2 the most.

Which of the following do you prefer??

I decided to show you the project that I started on wednesday that was the inspiration for the cards above, the more I looked at it the more I decided it have a charm about it.

I did trim a bit off the edges, as it had to much of a border, I would have preferred to have more blue in it.... I used a mask oval for the centre.

I will create something with this but not sure what yet.

Have a ' scap-a-rific' weekend.....


  1. Hi Jo, I like the blue the best, even though my favourite colour is green. But the Thank you card is gorgeous, I love it! Gonna have to try that one in different colours.

  2. Hey Jo!
    Ditto what Tina the blue, though green is my fav! Just a suggestion - maybe use green ink with the green card? Anyway, it's a gorgeous idea - just love it!

  3. Thanks Tina and Jo for your comments.

    I will give the green ink a go,sounds great, thanks for the suggestion Jo.

    Cheers Joanne (a.k.a...the other


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