Friday, August 21, 2009

MALE CARDS - Blog War Challenge - Project 3

Hi all

Here is todays card...It's something a little different.

Yes..... the side of the card is cut on an angle...its not an optical illusion created by the camera...altho its not one of the best photo's.

I have used Bahama Bazzill (4215) for the base card, I have hand drawn the white stitching around the cut out area with a White Gel Pen (1916), Tool Border (1700LH) image was inked in Perfect Medium (2383), added some Black white stitch ribbon (70959), and a Silver Spiral Clip (4602) ... Fathers day (394LD) sentiment was stamped in Ancient Page Coal Black Ink (72010) on the inside if the card onto the white card (9014) insert.

Originally I didnt have the Tool image on the card, and some how a finger print mark got onto the front of the card after I had finished it (don't you hate that...!!!!!) , so I disquised it by stamping the tool border image over it...

Now you wouldn't even know it was there (smiles).... and I think it looks better with the tool image on there, so maybe it was fate...... Its easy to hide little ooopsies , by using a little imagination without the need to throw the card away and start all over again.

Have a .."Scrap-a-rific" weekend.....


  1. Love the angles, what a great idea! Normal card shapes can get a bit boring after a while so this is just fantastic.

  2. Thanks kris, Yep the angle cut cards look great, its good to outside the 'normal' (A5)


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