Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hi all,

Here is a cute little card which I actually created for last weeks Blog War Challenge and have only just had the time to post it now. Last week BW Challenge was to ccreate a card or LO featuring a pet or animals....

I have named her "Petunia Babe"..... as she is made with Petunia Bazzill and "Babe" named after her inspiration "Babe" from the movie.

So here she is ..

I'snt she gorgeous..(and I think she knows

Making this card brought back some childhood memories of when I made a paper mache` pig in primary school, painted it pink and added some daisies very simular to these ones. I have also decorated the back of the card but havent added the picture yet.

Happy Scrappin'

Cheers Jo


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