Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hi All,

I can't believe its been 3 weeks since I have time has flown by - wish I could say I was having fun.

Appologies for my absence, but its been a real battle and difficult time (physically and emotionally) for me the past few weeks.

My dad has been un-well for over 7 months, 2 weeks ago he was hospitalized for 5 days on intravieness antibiotics 7 times a day... three days after he got home ( he should never have been sent home, but that is a long story), friday he was told by his specialist he had to go to the city hospital a.s.a.p. (5 hours away) to have partial amputation of his foot as he developed gangrene in the bone...(which wouldnt have appeared in the 3 days he was out of hospital..grrrr country hospitals) so that operation happened on sunday morning.... he still isnt out of the woods yet he has to heal without infection and fingers crossed they got all the affected bone.

Today there has been talk that he may have another operation as an Angiogram he had yesterday, revealed he has a couple of blockages... So we are not sure how much longer he will be in hospital for.... it could be a couple more weeks yet.

So on top of all this I havent been feeling 100% myself, I'm emotionally drained and I have lost my mojo at present, but it will come back.

Ending on a good note I recently got notification from Kaszazz that I have had some workshops I submitted accepted.

Cheers Jo

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  1. I wish your dad a speedy recovery Jo, what an awful few weeks, no wonder you're not feeling so great :( I am sure your mojo will come back, for now take care of yourself though xo


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