Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some Photos to share

Hi all,

Atleast today the water level has gone down in our little part of the floods in South East Queensland.. There is still a lot of water and debris around but no damage here.

Fortunately we were lucky, but there are lots in the region that are worse off.. The news reports say its the worse flood in the area since 1974.

Here are some photos we took yesterday on our little outting into the park which backs onto our property.


  1. Hi Jo
    Glad to hear you are ok. Found your flood photos fascinating. I'm a little wacky - if it had been me I would have; posed on the park bench reading the newspaper; gone for a swing-swim; fished off the footbridge and tried out the water-slide. And yes I probably would have gotten swept away for being so silly! Haven't seen the news lately so hope the crazy weather has calmed down. Thinking of you, Kris.

  2. Thanks Kris, for your kind thoughts... we didnt get it half as bad as most in NSW and the Gold Coast, but one good thing the Catchment levels are up highest they have been in at the wacky suggestions..I never even gave those ideas a thought....maybe next time (wink).I was just so amazed by the floods, I had never seen anything like it before (IRL)


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