Friday, April 24, 2009

EBONY & IVORY SB PAPER (PoW) - Project 4

Hi all,

Here is the final project for this weeks PoW.

This card was easy to make. I have call it "Patchwork Ebony & Ivory".

I have used a combination of Cream / Black Diamond SB Paper (4796) squares from the Ebony and Ivory range, matted onto Ivory card (9359), used Pinecone Bazzill (4223) as a base card. Post Mark - Fun Stamp (4040KD) was inked in Walnut Stain ((TIM19534) and Mini Messages-Thinking of You (006KK) was inked in Frost White Pigment Ink(15080).

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks projects...Please show your appreciation by leaving a comment on my blog...It could win this weeks prize.

Entry closes Sunday evening......Winner will be announced on Monday.

Have a great weekend


  1. Love this idea...did it take you awhile to cut and piece those pieces together? Anyhow keep up the good work. I'll be joining you next week in the blog war so i look forward to the challenge.

  2. Thanks Sharynne..The cutting didnt take long at all, but it did take a little while to piece together, but only because I'm a bit of a perfectionist(too much at times)...I just layed them on the Ivory card first to get the right position and lifted and stuck one piece at a time, working from the bottom up..Once you had the first 2 rows stuck down they just seem to fit.It was easier than I thought.
    Wooohoooo, Sharynne...I look forward to "War-ing" with you. I love your work too


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