Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chinese Take-A-Way Box Template

Several people have asked about a template for the Chinese Take Away Box I created last week (here)....

I have some bad news and some good news.

Firstly the bad news, I atually dismantled a box I bought a while ago from a craft store and traced around it to create my template. I'm not sure how to downsize the pattern and put it on my blog or even how to put it into a document file.... but..

Now the good news...

If you are a Kaszazz consultant (which some of you are) there is a Take-Away box Template in our 5PQ - 008 Cheeky Gift Boxes Workshop - which is very very simular.

Or.... Any one can download a free template simular size and design to what I used from Mirkwood Designs, it also has the assembly instructions on the site ..

Just a tip to score about a 3/4" down on the flaps that arn't marked with "A" and put in holes to be able to tie the ribbon to hold the top closed, like I have. I didnt glue or stick down the side "C" Flaps I punched holes and held in place using brads.

Here is a clickable link to the FREE template:

Please respect the authors copyright when using this template.

Happy Stampin'

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  1. Thanks Joanne, I didn't even think to go to the 5PQ template... Will check out the others too, Cheers x


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