Monday, April 27, 2009

This Week PoW - Magic Stamp

Hi all....

I hope you had a fabulous weekend.

This weeks PoW (Product of the week) is the "Magic Stamp" - Moldable Stamp -product can be found on page 85 of Kaszazz current catalogue.

You create your own stamps by molding and remolding the foam block, they are great to use as backgrounds or a main image, children and adults alike will love making their own stamps using this product ..of course adult supervision is a must when children are using the heat gun.

(10201) Magic Stamp - In this pack you receive 8 stamp blocks (100 x 75 x 25mm)

(1000) Magic Stamp - Geometric Block set - Pack comes with 10 stamps in a variety of shapes and sizes, with instructions and project ideas.

(10100) Magic Stamp - Sheet- You receive 3 sheets 8" x 10" in size each with one moldable and one smooth side, with instructions and project ideas in the pack, great for full card size and can also be cut to shape or size.

The images remain until block is reheated..So why not buy in bulk you get 144 stamp blocks (10200), perfect for schools an economical way to buy for yourself and share with friends

Besides impressing the stamps you already own the surface patterns are endless, just by using a variety of items everyone has in and around their home for example, try molding patterns from crumpled up paper, rice, keys, bark,, clothes pegs, leaves, raffia or straw, shells, wood, soles of shoes, jewellery, charms, rubber bands, buttons, money (coins), fabric - even an old pair of denim jeans. We (Kaszazz) have a fabulous 2 hour Workshop (2h091 -Magic Stamp Jeans layout) available, created by Sonya Edwards. In this workshop you create two 12 x12 layouts using the jeans technique. Please Contact me if your would like more details on this Workshop

Kaszzaz also sell a large variety of Molding Mats (as seen on page 84 current catalogue) which are ideal for impressing a wide variety of textures into the Magic Stamp foam and also the Stylus Moldable Tips (page 83).
Impressing objects with the Magic stamp gives a reverse impression of an object (s) used.

Magic Stamp is easy to use:

1. Heat stamp with an Embossing Heat Tool (1013) page 64, for about 30 seconds.

2. Press heated Magic Stamp against any cool, textured or dimensional surface. Hold down for 15 - 20 seconds.

3. Ink with any water based ink pad or paint.

4. Molded image is very durable,but will "melt away" when reheated - ready for your next surface design.

For more information on any of Kaszazz products or Workshops please contact me here


  1. Hey Jo,

    Can you tell me where you managed to get all the pics from of magic stamp on your blog. They are fantastic but i cant work it out.

  2. Hi Sharynne,
    Where else would you look when you want to find something???..the internet......"Google"
    I just Googled under images and searched through a few pages till I found what I wanted and saved them to my computer. If the images are too big I just resize them, oh and I put the numbers onto the "how to use it image".
    I can send them to you if you want them.


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