Thursday, March 26, 2009

2 - 3 Step Stamping (PoW) - Day 4

Welcome to my blog.

Here is todays project.... I have used the Frangipani 2 Step stamp set

The front of the card has been shaped to the design edge of the frangipani's using the Cutterbee Retractable knife (EKCKR01).inked the edges of the card.

Chalked the centre of the stamped flowers with Pebbles Chalking Set - Basic Brights (42001).

Dont forget to leave comments on my PoW post for a chance to win. Competition this week closes Sunday evening. Winner will be announced on Monday.

I have submitted this to Kaszazz so I cant give out full details.

Check the Blog War participants (right hand side menu) to see what they have been creating this week.

See you tommorow for the final project for this week.

Happy stamping ..

P.s....Do you love my little dog...he's so gorgeous when he smiles.


  1. Love the card - what a great idea to cut the front down like that! And the dog is the cutest thing ever!!!

  2. Just an idea,y mounting the verse on the front instead of masking around it.

    Love the card and idea though. Sharynne

  3. Thank you all for your great comments. Its great to get your feedback and other peoples opinions.
    Sometimes I get an idea,sometimes it works and this one seemed to work.

    Sharynne thanks for your suggestion I must try that..DH and I actually had changed that bit from my original version, but hadnt tried that way...(DH reckons he hasnt got a creative bone in his body,I might recruit him as a papercrafter..yet)lol

  4. absolutely gorgeous. I love it

  5. this is a gorgeous card, I love it.


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