Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Wow..... I'm sooooo excited..I got my very first Blog Award from Tina.

It is a great surprise and honour , also gave me a good sense of pride knowing my work is appreciated.

Thank you so much Tina, its greatly appreciated and I shall cherish it.

Apparently , the rule is, when you receive one of these awards you must then must send it onto other deserving Blogs.

As I am only new to the Blog World, all the people I know who have Blogs have already received this award from other sources, but if I could pass it on it would be to the very creative Kaszazz consultants that are participating in the Blog War....Keta, Lauren, Jo, Joellen, Fiona and Alicia..Keep up the good work ladies.

Thanks again can visit Tina's very creative Blog here


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