Monday, March 30, 2009

This Week PoW - Rollagraph


This weeks PoW (product of the week) is the Rollagraph.

The Rollagraph stamping system is fun, easy to use and is ideal for decorating many different products.

It consists of three key components, the continuos rubber stamp wheel, a moulded handle which holds the wheel in place and an ink cartridge that constantly reinks as you stamp. (regular handle and wheel shown below)

Rollergraph wheels come in 2 sizes, regular size and Jumbo (jumbo wheels are twice the size of regular sized wheels) which is perfect for creating wrapping papers, book covers, scrapbooking pages and more....

Kaszazz offers many great designs in both sizes, which are terrific on their own, but they are even better when you add some colour (Lyra Aquacolor Crayons).

Rollagraph wheels can also be used with Colorbox Inkpads, and also we have the Colorbox Stamping guide which makes it easier to keep you wheel straight. As a bonus the Rollagraph wheels (regular and Jumbo) fit the Stampress (12000) on page 95 current catalogue

Rollagraph ink cartridges -Ancient Page - permanent dye ink , quick drying, waterproof, acid free and smear resistant, come in a variety of colour range..please check our online catalogue for style of wheels and cartridge colour (pages 86 -94)

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